Monday, February 21, 2011

Cloud director still using Oracle - I use XE

For those who wish to get VMware Cloud Director™ up and running, but get stymied when it asks for an Oracle database (I know I was, I don’t use Oracle DB for much), there is a free version called OracleXE™. This version installs on Windows or Linux, is free (as I said) and comes up easily on Windows 200x. Remember that when configuring VCD, don’t accept the default Oracle instance name (orcl), use XE. The rest is the same.
Also, VCD won’t let you use the sysdba operator. You can easily create a new one by using SQLPlus, or through the web based GUI. VMware won’t support using XE, but for demos, it’s quick, easy, and will get you onto the real issues you want to explore.

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