Friday, March 4, 2011

vCenter in a VM - VMware encourages it

For those still wondering whether or not to install vCenter in a VM instead of physical hardware, here's the advice from VMware. This comes from the installation documentation, which is the canonical source in my mind.

Install vCenter Server in a Virtual Machine

You can install vCenter Server in a Microsoft Windows virtual machine, which runs on an ESX host.

Deploying the vCenter Server system in the virtual machine has the following advantages:

  •  Rather than dedicating a separate server to the vCenter Server system, you can place it in a virtual machine running on the same ESX host where your other virtual machines run.
  • You can provide high availability for the vCenter Server system by using VMware HA.
  • You can migrate the virtual machine containing the vCenter Server system from one host to another, enabling maintenance and other activities.
  • You can create snapshots of the vCenter Server virtual machine and use them for backups, archiving, and so on

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