Thursday, December 8, 2011

VMware extends Oracle support to own the database issue as well as virtualization issues

For those deal makers and decision-maker persuaders out there who have come up against the “Oracle doesn’t support their products on VMware” argument, take heart! Now, no matter what Oracle does, VMware will take your database tech support calls and own them until resolved, as long as:

  1. your using Oracle as the database for vCenter or other VMware product


    2. your are running Oracle database inside a VM.

From the newest VMware post ( ):

VMware Oracle Support provides customers the following new advantages as part of the existing Support and Subscription contract at no additional charge:
  • Total ownership of Oracle Database technical issues reported to VMware Support
  • Access to a team of Oracle DBA resources within VMware Support to troubleshoot related to Oracle Databases used as a data store or run within a VM
  • Performance tuning and best practices related to Oracle Database used as a data store or run within a VM
  • Faster resolution of technical issues in VMware environments via a TSANet <>  collaborative support arrangement between VMware Support and Oracle Support

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