Thursday, January 5, 2012

Saved by the cloud: Pitney Bowes knows how to do Disaster Recovery

Here's a good article about how Pitney Bowes (PBI) survived a fire at their Grand Prairie presort facility last year. Seems they had the foresight to create a DR plan and actually test it!!  Comes in handy when bad things happen, you know.
They had a backup facility with office space (how many DR plans include that? extra datacenter capacity, sure, but copiers and phones?), but the best part is ...

"Another huge benefit that we had was our customer information and contacts and employee information is all online, and we could get the clients’ information...”
Based on very little research, I have concluded that Pitney Bowes and are partners.  It is therefor logical to assume that the online presence that held the CRM data for Pitney Bowes is, most likely, So next time you need to justify budget for cloud to the execs, show them this article.

Of course, if the fire had happened to Salesforce...

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