Thursday, July 12, 2012

AutoDeploy Stateless Computing: The Chicken, or the Egg

Without a vCenter, you can't set up AutoDeploy. Most customers put vCenter in a VM on an ESXi server. But if you don't have AutoDeploy, you probably don't have an ESXi server. So you can't set up vCenter, which prevents you from setting up AutoDeploy, which prevents you from setting up ESXi, and on, and on, …

In my case, I had a FlexPod (I do validation of the FlexPod architecture and procedures for a living). So, since it already has a full vSphere setup, I just used that. 

But in your case, if you don't have a vSphere architecture set up, you probably don't want to set one up just to tear it back down to use for AutoDeploy. So here's what you can do. 

Set up a temporary vCenter/AutoDeploy/TFTP/DHCP server in a VM on VMware Workstation or Fusion. Use this to get started. Then, once you build your permanent vSphere architecture, you can move things over. 

You'll want a single VM, with vCenter, AutoDeploy, DHCP and TFTP already installed. This can get things going. 
Once you have ESXi running on something, you can then create your real vSphere setup. 

Directions on how to do this will follow. Stay Tuned! 

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