Friday, August 17, 2012

VMware and Cisco UCS integration: Oh blogpost, Where art thou?

     It was starting to look like I was having a "senior moment". I knew I had seen a blog entry on the VMware PowerCli blog site that described the integration between Cisco UCS and VMware AutoDeploy. But when I looked for it, it had somehow disappeared. Maybe I didn't see it after all? Maybe I was dreaming the whole thing (I typically don't dream about technology, but hey, anything is possible)?

     Alan Renouf, VMware PowerCli wizard, posted a blog entry on 31Jul12, detailing and praising the integration between VMware AutoDeploy and Cisco UCSM , which you can read more about here.

     My confidence in my sanity was buoyed by Google Cache, which has the original blog post. It's a good read for those who wish to automate AutoDeploy with respect to the type of hardware they are using.

     The reason for the disappearance remains a mystery. Anyone care to comment?

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