Tuesday, July 28, 2015

@DatriumStorage is out of stealth! Removing the need for those pesky storage guys.

Yet another storage system met the world today. Datrium (www.datrium.com) just came out of the stealth mode to help simplify storage management with a cool new design.

and no more calling the storage guys for stuff...

Why it's cool...

Datrium DVX is cool in two important ways. 

1) It provides centralized storage for your ESXi server with features like DeDupe, compression, local caching via server side flash, vVol ready...all the stuff you expect in today's modern storage. 
2) It provides this in an easy to install form factor, that is entirely manageable by the VM admin! 
You don't need to know the meaning of the words "LUN" (not a word really, an acronym) or "target" or "iSCSI". In other words, no more calling the storage guys for stuff! Manage the storage just by creating VMs! 

What it has...

The solution has a 2U box (called a NetShelf) with 10Gb networking and lots of disk (29Tb usable storage). Connect it to your ESXi servers via network. The protocol is proprietary, so you don't need to know how to connect to it.

The solution also has a VIB that goes on your ESXi server. The VIB provides a NFS server on your ESXi server. This means your VMs are stored on the NFS server, which then connects over the 10Gb network to the NetShelf.

On the ESXi servers, Datrium Software (Called DiESL) runs on the ESXi server, not in a VM like many other storage systems. DiESL creates an NFS server that the VM's are then placed onto. the DiESL software takes care of all the DeDupe, RAID, server caching, etc, and transmits the data back to the NetShelf for permanent storage.

A great pairing with UCS Mini...

The Cisco UCS Mini is an 8 blade chassis of compute managed by two Fabric Interconnects inside the backplane. With one of these connected to a NetShelf, We would have one of the most robust modular pods around, with unparalleled ease of use. In the Hyper-converged space, this solution would be dominant, if done correctly. I sure do hope these guys start shipping soon! 

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